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watch at me while I build an instrument, live into the Web


sitting comfortably at your home, watching at you computer monitor like trough a window on my workshop, while I build an instrument, from trunks and raw materials all the way down to the instrument finished and ready to play

every task is followed by two or more cams and you can interact: asking for informations or for me to repeat what I just did, and so on

I'm pretty sure you can't find anything nor even close to this into the whole Web


  • actually the instruments are two: one in the morning, one on the evening. enrolling once, you can chose which one to attend .....or to atten both!
    • price is different for different instruments (see below)
  • once enrolled you'll have all the needed informations: which software (freeware) you need to install and set up, IP address for my dedicated server, your login, date for the first streaming ....
  • of course you can call all of your friends and to organize a group to watch me working, shareing the cost
    • part of the video is kept stored on the server: you are allowed to enter and re-watch it for about a week
  • using the broadcast I'll make a video DVD that you can buy with a 40% discount
    • just because you enrolled for one of these live classes, for one whole year you'll have a 10% discount on whatever purchase (instruments, raw materials, kits, further classes, ....) and a 5% on TrueCarbon cases
  • the instrument built for the class will be on sale, one of the enrolled can buy it with a 30% discont. If more than one are willing to buy it, it will be auctioned, starting bid will be 50% of my pricelist price

as you saw, the cost for this enrollment is paying back itself !!!

the first live class will start around May 15th 2008

the first instrument will be the more requested in this short period. tell me which one you wish to start with:

instrument enrollment cost in €ur (excluding V.A.T.)
Renaissance Lute


to enroll as for whatever further information

get in touch!


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