by G.Tumiati

  • belly after an original instrument by hans Fray (Bologna 1545) holdest in the Warwich County Museum
  • basato su uno strumento originale di Hans Fray, (Bologna 1545) conservato al Warwich County Museum
  • 14 courses: 1x1; 7x2 cm. 64; 6 cm. 100
  • 14 ordini: 1x1; 7x2 cm. 64; 6 cm. 100
  • belly: 11 ribs in curled maple with dark bindings, natural deep red varnish
  • guscio composto da 11 doghe acero marezzato intercalate da filetti scuri, vernice naturale rosso cupo
  • soundboard in spruce (Val di Fiemme, Italy)
  • piano armonico in abete rosso (Val di Fiemme)
  • fingerboard and veneer in ebony with white bindings
  • tastiera e lastronatura in ebano con filetti bianchi

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front sight side back sight
sound board rose

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