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Summer Classes 2008

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Comune di Canneto Pavse

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this year too I'm offfering my summer classes: ten days of luthery full immersion

you can chose:

  • Propedeutical
    to approach the luthery: to know, sharpening and manteining tools, wood technology notions and so on, along with practical luthery exercises in sight of a musical instrument building
    target: the beginner, who never come close to wood or tools

    Eur 800.00 to attend the class

Of course you can't learn everything in ten days, but you'll have some good basic and ideas to deep in and practice


  • Work at my workshop
    be an apprentice in my workshop
    target: aspirant professional lutemakers
    strongly required some experience about Musical Instruments building and/or woodworking

    Eur 800.00 to attend the class
    + Eur 800.00 if you want to bring an instrument home (a student Renaissance Lute, Guitar or violin)

Of course you can't become a professional in just ten days, but you can taste the job in a real luthery workshop


  • Repair
    how to fix, modify, restore your instruments + something about maintenance
    target: mainly Musicians

    Eur 800.00 to attend the class

Of course you can't become a repaireman in just ten days, but sure you can be more conscious about your instruments, able to understand their problems and to fix them by yourself

  • Build your own instrument

    target: mainly Musicians, but also aspirant lutemakers

    Eur 800.00 to attend the class
    + Eur 800.00 if you want to bring your instrument home (Renaissance Student Lute)

Of course you can't become a Lutemaker in just ten days, but you can the unique experience of building your instrument with your own hands


available period is between July 1st and August 31th 2008
you can chose freely you ten days, independently from the presence of other students


the instruments
for the "Repaire" class you are more than welcome to bring your own instruments and to work on it, then a lot of practice will be done on "spare" parts.

the standard for "Build your own instrument" and "Work at my workshop" classes will be a Renaissance Lute (student, 7 course), or a Guitar (student, classical or acoustic) or a student Violin, but if you want to build something different ask for it, we'll see if it is possible

you can chose to do everithing by yourself or to have a little help by me or even to use some pre-shaped part, just to be sure you can finish your work within your ten days

all of the instruments built during the classes will have a lable as follow

Giuseppe Tumiati's workshop

Summer Classes
student name
Montuè A.D. 2008

IN NO CASE istruments with this lable can be considered my production and sold as mine


the place
all the classes will be at my workshop, up the Oltrepo hills (the very firsts hills South the Po river)
frazione Montuè 75 - I-27044 Canneto Pavese (PV) Italy

you can see some slides, I took them when I first saw the house
sorry I can't host anybody and in Montuè there's no hotels at all, but a few Kms away (Canneto Pavese, Broni, Stradella) sure you can find an accomodation


the money

payments: 50% for the reservation
50% at the very beginning of your class

money-back policy
§ I'll refound you completely if the class can't be done for my fault (I mean: the house get down, the hurricane blow away all of my wood, the pest would take me, ....)

§ If you change your mind but you find someonelse for the class: you'll have all of your money back

§ If you change your mind and I find someonelse for the class: you'll loose a 10%

§ If you change your mind too late to be replaced: down payment can't be refounded


for whatever further information, please don't esitate to ask:


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